Personalities That Compliment Your Business

Self-assessments are great tools that can help us learn about ourselves, identify our gaps in knowledge, and even motivate us as we evaluate and track our progress. Although there are many different types of self-assessments, we are going to focus on a personality assessment today. This is important for businesses because over 50% business partnerships fail. There are many reasons a business or partnership might fail, and conflicting personality types is one of them. Even if you do not plan on having a partnership, you will need to hire people to be a part of your team once you start to scale your business. So understanding their personality type in correlation to yours will reduce future internal conflicts.

Action Item

  • After watching this module, download PersonalityMatch (iOS, Android)
  • Download & review "Personality Type Pairs"
  • Download & review "Matching Personalities with Key Business Positions"
  • Download & complete "Personality Assessment Homework"

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