Vision Board Benefits

A small and powerful tool that many people use to achieve their goals are vision boards. They utilize the The Law of Attraction. Which means whatever energy and images you are manifesting with your thoughts onto this vision board, embracing this energy everyday will attract these things into your life. We should never underestimate the power that our brains can harness. According to Psychology Today, there was a study done that showed the brain activity of someone lifting weights. It also showed the activity of someone who was thinking about lifting weights and they both showed the same parts of the brain lighting up. 

Although there is psychological research that shows that vision boards do work, you still need to put in the work and have somewhat of a plan. People think that just because you are looking at something inspirational everyday that the universe will magically grant this to you. That is why our approach couples your vision board with a mind map, and then a pyramid goal template to help you strategically plan how you will reach your goal, step by step.

Action Item:

  • Watch the video below
  • Download the Example Vision Board
  • Start your own on Google Doc or paper

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