Breaking Down Business Targets With A Pyramid Goal

The Pyramid Goal is another simple and effective tool that we are going to use to breakdown your vision board. A Pyramid Goal is a visual representation that is broken down into 3-tiers. It takes the overall "goal/mission" of your business and breaks it down into more manageable targets and achievable activities. Creating a pyramid goal is beneficial because it helps you break down a complicated goal into practical and attainable steps. This reduces the intimation by creating actionable steps to get use to get to your goal. We are more likely to accomplish our goals if we create a strategic and actionable plan to do so.

Action Item:

  • Watch the video
  • Download "Bridging Goal Pyramid With Mind Mapping"
  • Download "Conaxion Goal Pyramid Example"
  • Download "The Pyramid Goal Template"
  • Create your own pyramid goal

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