Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) keep your business & team organized. They also help you maintain consistent quality in your product or service, which results in more happy customers. Not only that, but as your business grows larger and you apply for a bank loan, one of the things they can request is your SOPs. If they are going to lend you a bunch of money, they want to know that you and/or your team are capable of legitimately running your operations. These documents are also essential when you start to scale your business because you will need them if you want to outsource aspects of your business.

In this lecture, we are going to use the process map that you already created in the previous lecture, and add more detail to make a SOP for your business.

Action Items:

  • Watch video below
  • Download SOP Example
  • Download SOP Template
  • Fill out SOP Template

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