Financial Modeling & Projections

I want to let everyone know that even if you have little to no finance background and you're going to be starting a hustle or running a business, this is a skill you need to have. Even though you can always hire someone to do the work for you, which you eventually will once you scale, knowing how things work helps ensure that you never get scammed by your own workers. There are also a handful of other benefits such as:

  1. Help you plan for future expenses
  2. Attract investors
  3. Determine business viability
  4. Reduce financial risk
  5. Measure & improve your business in real time

We also know that this can be frustrating and complicated if you don't know where start. That's why we have a step-by-step process, examples, and templates to guide you every step of the way.

Action Items:

  • Watch video below
  • Download Budget Projection Template
  • Fill out Unit Cost tab
  • Fill out Year 1, Year 2, & Year 3 tabs

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